Money Drop lobby is available in GTA Online for PC for Social Club, Epic Games and Steam.

GTA 5 Online article

Are you a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series of computer games, known more widely as GTA? Haven’t played the online version before or are you going to do so and want to learn as much as possible about it? If so, be sure to check out the article below.

GTA 5 in the Online version appeared for the first time in 2013, initially on platforms such as: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, offering the game in free sessions. GTA 5 Online appeared on the next PS4 and Xbox Online platforms in 2014 and moments later on PC. GTA Online allows a much larger group to play together. One session can contain 30 people. The old generation platforms are limited to 16 people. Thanks to this option, we can enjoy great fun with our friends. It is an online version of the fifth part of the game.

GTA Online has a wide set of missions that diversify the gameplay. Just like in the classic version, the whole story of the game takes place in the city of Los Santos, a fictional city modeled on Los Angeles. We can freely control our hero and perform any activities. However, fair play behavior is especially rewarded and thanks to them we can count on special bonuses. There are currently 34 add-ons available online. They are completely free, but require the original version of the game and Internet access. Thanks to them, we will be able to enjoy the most popular game even more.

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