Los Santos

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GTA is a computer game that is remembered by players around the world. Especially the fifth part of Grand Theft Auto, which takes place in the Los Santos universe, has become popular and well-known. This is evidenced by the fact that since its premiere in 2004 it still remains one of the most popular games in the world. An update of the popular universe has also been released, which is very popular. What can we find in the universe? Find out in the article below.


Los Santos is a fictional city created for the game and located in the state of San Andreas. It is already known to gamers from the 2004 version of GTA San Andreas. After re-editing the world over the years, we find it expanded and improved. In the final version of the universe, we notice 41 territories and districts where missions can be carried out, as in the previous version, they are full of traps, multiculturalism and mysterious nooks.

The world is vastly expanded and the player gets more maneuverability. In the modified version, we also notice a greater number of crimes possible to commit and a greater number of gangs spreading terror in the fictional city. Transport has also been improved, a greater number of highways and the expansion of the airport ensure easy travel to distant parts of the city.

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Los Santos

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Less experienced players certainly do not know that there are as many as 10 assets in the universe. These are points, businesses or businesses that, when purchased by the player, will bring him income throughout the game. For example, assets are: Golf Club, Junkyard, two cinemas and a towing company.