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Money Drop is a fast and secure way to cash in GTA 5 Online. This service will help you earn GTA$ and make your Los Santos experience better. Your virtual wallet will be credited with GTA$ 100,000,000 and you can use it to purchase vehicles, real estate or ammunition. It is a safe solution thanks to which Anti-Cheat will not detect the money earned.

Follow the session guidelines before collecting GTA$ on Moneydrop

Money Drop GTA 5 is fast and secure GTA$

  • The most necessary and most important factor in GTA is money. Thanks to it, you can create your virtual business, buy crazy carts, clothes, weapons and many other necessary things. Modded Lobby Drop allows you to earn cash in secure sessions.
  • We analyze GTA Online cashouts every day, so we’ll help you earn secure GTA$ and create your own business in Los Santos. After completing the formalities and handing over the donate, your character will be added to your GTA Online session.

Los Santos Airport

Los Santos Airport – this is where the safe GTA Online sessiont takes place. Thanks to the large space, there are no disruptions or problems with more collectors, so you can quickly cash in for GTA$.

Los Santos International Airport is an airport located in the south of Los Santos.

Airport is worth a long visit. We can move freely within it, our visit does not cause the police to appear. However, we must remember that the gates open only when the vehicle ordered by us is placed there.

In addition to the aircraft fleet, including jets, the airport also includes such vehicles as: airport tugs and forklifts. Parked passenger cars can be seen by the fence. There are also taxis and airport buses in the area.


GTA Online Money

GTA$ 100,000,000 is the amount you can collect on the Money Drop PC by purchasing access. You will get as much time as you need to gather.

Social Club

No login details are needed for this operation. All you need to do is enter your Rockstar Games Social Club nickname.

The Bot Money drop

Money Drop GTA 5 Bot is responsible for safely transferring cash in GTA 5 Online in Money Lobby sessions. Bot is checked and updated daily.

Money Drop GTA 5 Sessions

Money Drop lobby in GTA Online are organized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can join at any time of the day.

Donate on money drop

Paysefcard, Paypal, WebMoney and many other methods are available when choosing the payment. After making the payment, you will receive an invitation within a few minutes. Deposit the amount of 5 EUR. Enter your nickname to participate in the session and greet or leave it blank in the message field.

After sending the donation, you will receive a friend request from the bot. You have to accept them and join the bot session. After joining, go to the airport and turn on passive mode. Leave the vehicle a bit further from the drop point. Do not approach other participants, do not run (the surface is large so you can walk), do not put cash into the bank and do not shopping in public sessions.

All the new expansions in GTA Online come at a high cost, so GTA Money Drops is a great alternative to the resources you need and to having fun in Los Santos. If you are looking for a secure transaction system, use our services.

The Money Drops site was made with the for players who need safe GTA Online cash. You can also post any questions about Drop Sessions to the Grand Theft Auto Forums community.

If you need more GTA$ then use the Boost. In the package you will get more cash, level + unlocks.

Try it for free Money Drop and get secure GTA$1,000,000. In the  chat, write that you want to test for free and enter your Social Club nickname. You will receive an invitation within minutes.

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